A downloadable boot for Windows

This is a game made by two dudes, Altimus and Cornelius. Take a gander. No really, gander! Iron Boot is a bootventure to behold! With eye-popping colors and next-gen boot-simulation bootplay, this heartfelt journey is sure to be a boot-stopper. Bug-stomping, Boot-hopping, Gem-grabbing fun for the whole dang family! (Family not included)

After months of work, the Boot is here in all of his rusted glory. Play through FOUR LEVELS of boot-tastic platforming action, smashing bugs, fighting a HUGE BOSS and saving Footville! We'd like to give a big THANK YOU to those who play the game and would invite you to share this lovable boot with those you love or those you absolutely despise, or even those who are absolute strangers. Spread the Boot and have a nice day!

Install instructions

So y'all need to unzip this file and run the .exe if ya don't mind, yeah?


Iron Boot (Final) 5 MB


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Aw yiss final version!

super fun game!

hey, thanks so much for playing and giving feedback! The final edition will be released around August 16th, so stay tuned!


will family be part of the dlc


it's in the works ;)


LOL I TOTALLY COMMENTED!!! FIRST!!!!!!1!!!1!one!!!!!1!